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Separuh Dari Great Barrier Reef HilangDalam 3 Dekade 1

Boston University is promoting sustainable seafood to help sustain local and global fisheries and ocean ecosystems by serving a sustainable fish option in their menu: the Gulf of Maine Atlantic pollock, a lesser-known species that has been fished  
responsibly. This particular dish is served from now until November 4. You cast an eye on the Atlantic cod, halibut, salmon, and yellowtail flounder glistening on ice—only to discover that each is among the 13 species now overfished in New England, according to a 2011 report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It’s a real problem for consumers who enjoy eating fish for its many health benefits, but are also mindful of their ecological footprint.
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KOMPAS.com — Saat lobster merah rawa menginvasi Eropa sekitar 30 tahun lalu, disinyalir krustasea itu juga menyelundupkan spesies asing lain. Peneliti menemukan spesies asing, sejenis krustasea kecil yang diduga berasal dari Amerika Utara berada di punggung lobster itu.

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The oil platform known as High Island 389-A, located in the Gulf of Mexico has provided a lush marine ecosystem in an area where it would normally be deserted. After 30 years it was first built, the dormant oil platform is now set to be demolished under the
Interior Department rules regarding nonproducing ocean structures. With only until January of 2013 to remove the platform, many campaigns are under way to save the oasis that was created by the structure.
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New Release Magazine

Hot News !!! This is the First edition Second volume Ocean Lab Magazine on April 2013. Just for you.
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